Become A Seller


Who can become a seller?

Anyone living in Sri Lanka over the age of 18 years is eligible to be a seller. You can be an individual or a company. A small number of categories may require approval to comply with government regulations.


Why should I become a seller?

  1. Free to register as a seller and buyer
  2. Free to create your own shop, list products and promote them
  3. Free advertising and promotions for your products and services
  4. List as many items as you wish
  5. Manage all your stock and pricing online
  6. Control the whole delivery process if required
  7. Offer Cash on Delivery and collections (from your locations) to buyers
  8. Accept credit/ debit cards as payments with seller protection
  9. Payments to your account in 7 days
  10. Fast pricing and stock update facility for large sellers


How do I register to be a seller?

Users can register as a buyer or a seller by clicking the link on top of homepage. All registered sellers will automatically have a buyer account. If you are already a registered buyer on the website, you can click “Become a Seller” link from the My Account section and follow instructions. Once approved, you can start listing items from the Seller Dashboard or on all of the product pages (as an additional seller).


Selling Products & Services


Can I become another seller to existing items?

Yes. You can go to the listed item page, click “Have one to sell?” and follow instructions. After that you can manage details through the Seller Dashboard. This process will only take few seconds.



Do I need to have stock when listing products?

The simple answer is yes. Seller must be able to provide stock to the buyer within the timeframe specified when listing. If the lead time to ship is noted as 0, then stock must be available for shipment immediately. If the lead time to ship is noted as 3 days, then stock must be available in 3 days to ship. The Seller Dashboard allows sellers to edit stock levels of items 24 hours a day. It is very easy to keep accurate stock levels on Sellers who regularly fail to despatch stock shown as available may be restricted from listing further inventory.


Can I deliver items to buyers using our own couriers?

Yes. We encourage that option to speed up the process. You need to go to the “Shipping Rates” section in the Seller Dashboard and enter your courier charges for each delivery zone you are willing to deliver. The buyer will see your rates during the ordering process. You will be paid the full delivery charge. If the “Shipping Rates” section is blank for any zone, we assume you want our couriers to collect items and deliver.


How do I allow customer collections?

When creating products, sellers can click “Collection Allowed”. This will allow you to select the address collections can be done by customer. The collection address information will be provided to the buyer after orders are placed. If you have multiple collection addresses, add them as branches from the Seller Dashboard.


Can I sell used items?

Yes. You can sell new, used or refurbished products. If the listing is for a service you need to select the “service” option. Few categories are excluded from selling used or refurbished for health and safety reasons.


Can I sell products/ services with the option “Cash on Delivery” (Payment on Delivery)?

Yes. When you are creating items or adding as a seller to existing items, you can select the Cash on Delivery option. Once listed, buyers will be able to order items using this option.


I have a product with different sizes & colours. How do I list them with options?

When you add items from the Seller Dashboard, change the option “Simple product” to “Variable product”, select the attributes you want to use as options for variation and add pricing and stock for each variation. You can always contact us if you need help.


Some of our products cannot be shipped immediately. How do I make sure buyers know this information?

When products are created, sellers can change the “Lead Time To Ship” from 0 days (default). Buyers will know how many days will it be for despatch or collections. If marked as 0 days, the item is expected to be shipped or available for collection immediately.


Can you help me to list items on

Yes. Our support team can help and train sellers to list products. We can also manage your product listings where needed. Please contact us by phone, WhatsApp,  email or the Message Centre in the My Account area.


Can I upload and download my stock and price information?

All sellers can upload and download stock, pricing, etc through the Seller Dashboard. This will allow sellers with large inventories to update records more frequently. It usually takes few seconds to update.


How does the Secret Sales feature work?

Sellers will be able to see buyer interests of all listed items. They can make personalised and time limited offers without changing normal pricing. Personalised pricing will not be visible to the public and can only be seen by interested buyers. Sellers will be informed if buyers place orders.


Costs & Payments


How much does it cost?

It is completely free to have a seller account, listing items, seller protection and promote them. You only pay when you sell and the transaction has been completed.

  • Registration & Account – Free
  • Dedicated Seller Shop – Free
  • Listing unlimited produts – Free
  • Advertising Seller Products – Free
  • Dedicated Account Manager – Free
  • Seller fees for mobile phones, tablets, computers, laptops, cameras, storage, desktops and some electronic categories7%
  • Seller fees for other products – 10%
  • Seller fees for services – 10%


(There are no additional charges and seller fees are not applicable for deliveries)


Why are seller fees low compared to other companies?

We want all sellers large and small to compete equally and provide best value to buyers. Keeping seller fees to a minimum without extra charges will help to sell more by attracting better deals.


When do I get paid for items sold on

Sellers can withdraw funds held by after 7 days of buyer confirming receipt, delivery confirmation or service delivery. Funds will be sent direct to seller’s verified bank account in the Seller Dashboard.


 Can I use money from sales to buy items of other sellers?

Yes. You can use cleared funds on account statement to buy items. This option will be automatically visible to you during checkout as “Payment on Account” when there are sufficient funds. Sometimes you will get extra discounts for buying this way.


Seller Support


What seller protection do I get?

We accept card and other payments from buyers. Seller’s will be protected from fraudulent transactions and still will get paid as long as products or services were provided in good faith. If there is a dispute between a buyer and seller where an agreed solution cannot be reached, team will mediate to resolve matters. Additional seller protection will be provided where best practice guidelines of the site have been followed.


Can my seller fees be refunded if the transaction is cancelled?

Yes. Sellers can follow the process in the order management page and seller fees will be refunded once verified. If the buyer has informed us of the cancellation, refund to seller will be applied automatically through the normal process.


We are in the process of updating this section to provide more relevant information. Please contact our admin team through the Message Centre In your account area or email in the meantime.