AKS 3D Metal Detector 1200m Long Range Gold Treasure Digger Scanner & Locator


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Colour of the product model may vary. Contact the seller if you want a specific colour. Current delivery timeline is 6+ weeks.

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Product Description

It is an excellent metal detector. With high sensitivity and stability, the detector can recognize different types of metal and makes it easy to find metal objects that are useful to you. With this detector, you can go to more places to explore the treasure, search for gold, silver, copper, and gems.


  • Color: Rose gold

  • (Receiver) 16.5×5×34cm / 6.5×2×13.4"
  • (Transmitter) 11×7.5×3.5cm / 4.3×3×1.4"
  • (Box) 37×29×9cm / 14.6×11.4×3.5"

  • Search system: Microcomputer CPU control and reflection conductivity
  • Search range: 1200m
  • Detecting depth: 25M
  • Energy: 12V 1000~1600mAh
  • Launch frequency: 5.6~6KHz
  • Signal frequency: 360~440Hz
  • Detection type: Gold; Silver; Copper; Precious stones
  • Charging methods: this instrument has installed rechargeable batteries. Access charger for charging for 5~8 hours.

  • Accurately determine the buried position of an object and position it.
  • Identify the specific type of metal by means of a frequency regulator.
  • Detection with remote search system and precise positioning.
  • The use of micro-electric processor control chip unit calibration and instrument self-test system can easily scan and detect quickly, improving the efficiency of the treasure hunter and reduce the labour intensity of detection.
  • This instrument can detect at least 3.5 meters for a 5*5cm object. A 30*30cm object can be detected in 5-8 meters, and if the object of this size is buried for a long time, it can be detected in the range of 20 meters. If the area of the object is larger, the depth of detection will be deeper.

Package included
  • 1 x Receiver
  • 1 x Transmitter
  • 3 x Antenna
  • 1 x Charger
  • 1 x Aluminum Box (With 2 Keys)
  • 1 x Manual

Important Note
  • This is a specialist order item and cannot returned for refunds, except for warranty replacements.
  • Please allow 1-5mm error due to manual measurement.
  • The actual product colour may differ due to digital displays on PCs.

  • Metal & gem detectors require permission to use in Sri Lanka from the National Gem & Jewellery Authority and The Ministry of Defence. Only order if you have the legal right to use. By placing orders you indemnify us from any liability. We will only provide legal means to obtain them.You may still be liable for full costs if authorities refuse permission.

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